After School Script

True Artists Recognition Network is committed to the community, the family unit and collective creatives’ development.  Afterschool was a great success.  It was also a great example of the community coming together to make an independent film showcasing a positive, uplifting story-line and identifiable talent.

In this effort, we are offering the script to Afterschool,  for your use in classrooms, community and recreational centers as well as other non-profit venues for a nominal fee.


From the Creator, Walter Powell:

“It’s like reading a book…families should take time to read various forms of literature in the home to broaden their perceptions of quality narratives. Parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and friends should sit among one another and read quality film scripts and plays-it’s a great form of (classic) entertainment to be experienced throughout the ages. It also gives a better analysis of what movies should be. It can be used in classroom settings, in round-table discussions for model urban films with actors/screenwriters, etc.”