After School The Movie – DVD

AFTER SCHOOL is our model film.

AFTER SCHOOL will set the standard for future urban family films for decades to come. It is a film for everyone, from every generation. The entire family can learn, cry together and laugh out loud. This feature film was Written and Directed by WALTER POWELL and Co-directed by CLIFFORD REED.

Our Mission at TAR Networks & After School Films is to create sustainable financing and infrastructure for under-privileged youth in After School Programs across the country. By sharing profits with communities and/or partnering organizations, it is our objective to provide a constant flow of positive, entertaining and educational films that the entire family can enjoy. These films will be distributed via internet and community organizations/members that would like to raise funds for the youth. Contact us (mail@tarnetworks) to be a supporter for AFTER SCHOOL and positive film-making.

By making a donation you are now an active participant in the new True Artists Recognition independent film movement where quality urban stories are told by in and for the community. If you’re interested in playing a bigger role in the movement, consider becoming a member as an maker, activist or simply lover of film.


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An urban dramedy, a story of a young man, Michael, who runs the neighborhood after school community program that his father once operated. With government and corporate budget cuts, the program is in danger of closing and possibly leaving many inner city kids without a positive after school environment. In the meantime, the annual camping trip is drawing near. One of the after school students, Row Row, a community delinquent and the son of Michael’s live-in girlfriend, Shonda, has found himself in huge trouble. The community joins forces to save the program, Row Row and in essence saves themselves.

Meet the Awesome Cast of “After School-The Movie.”

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