Bobby BROWN: Through

Bobby BROWN: Through ‘Every Little Step’ God NEVER leaves You

Last weekend, After School Films enjoyed a terrific time at the 10th anniversary “Leimert Park Book Fair” at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. Every year this proves to be a great event for the community and its artists. There were book readings, signings and give-aways. There was music, dance and singing. There was an aire of love, inspiration and celebration. There were artists of various types, all with the agenda to propel their community through the expression of their particular art forms. Thousands of people partook in this beautiful experience. One of it’s like should be of regular occurrence by all communities, particularly urban communities. A true artist understands that the relationship with the community is one of the most important aspects of being an artist. The community is the entity for which the art was intended to impact.

An artist like Bobby Brown seems like a commonality in plain view but when looking at his start, evolution and current position we can see that it takes a lot more than talent to maintain your prerogative in the business of entertainment. Knowing what he’s experienced as an artist, human, lover, etc…it was great to see Bobby and hear him speak such a strong affirmation in knowing that The Most High never leaves your side, no matter how things may appear. It was refreshing to see him still in awe of being a new dad, taking steps toward better health, and growing in other avenues as an artist.

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Nishelle talked about how the music Bobby along with his New Edition brothers made that still affects people today. It’s true that the artist has great power but the community does as well and Bobby acknowledges that without the support of the art lovers he would not have been able to really evolve but also he respects that to whom much is given much is required and that support system entrust in him the responsibility to make quality art. Whether that art is designed to make you laugh, feel joy, smile or even cry it has to be genuine in order to truly become classic and that’s what those guys have given us…god art! We give thanks for it and look forward to seeing the movie next year.


Whether an artist, art lover or arts advocate it’s our responsibility to uphold true art and know that we are in this world together. Be great friends…and share your thoughts below…experiences at the book fair? New Edition concert stories? Reviews of “Every Little Step”?


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