How it works:

1. Choose a character from

  1. Participant uploads a 3-5 minute video where he/she will act out one of the director’s selected scenes from PART ONE.

[Option to include a 30-second intro with name, age, location.

A 5-word sentence telling something unique about you (a weird talent, a cool side gig, an interesting quirk, etc.) Tell us how you define true artistry with “I am a true artist because ____ (fill in the blank).”]

  1. Upload to: YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Facebook.
    1. use tag(s): #whatchagonnadoafterschool #auditionmeforafterschoolparttwo #TARnetworks #Trueartistsrecognition
  2. 1 headshot, 1 fullbody shot + resume to
    1. No prior experience required-just real artistic ability.

2. Once the competition is live, you will receive a confirmation email of acceptance within 48 hours with a shareable link for your friends and family to gain votes in your favor.

3. The 1st Stage of auditions will begin in San Antonio, the first stop on our tour. Online Worldwide Auditions OPEN simultaneously. We welcome all contestants to join us on tour-celebrating a new day and new way for urban independent artists. It’s an opportunity to experience real moviemaking, connect with local talent and create a friendly competition between cities.