True Artists Recognition Networks produces high quality films with a global message that truly represents the cultures, experiences and values of the urban community.


TAR will remain true to creating and celebrating good stories in a communal atmosphere. Social collaboration is a key part of building a collective where film lovers, advocates and filmmakers. To accomplish this we will be the premier source of progressive film projects that benefit artists, audiences and society alike.

Why TAR:

The True Artists Recognition (TAR) Networks is a collaborative film and arts entertainment organization dedicated to the personal, social and global benefits of filmmaking to positively impact urban communities. We empower creators, writers, producers, directors, and actors to develop ideas and films through our social platform. We are here to cultivate independent artists with the desire to use their gift responsibly as a guide for all people. TAR aims to build up independent filmmaking communities that produces, promotes and prospers from and for good storytelling.

Why filmmaking:

TAR is particularly focused on the medium of film because of it’s undeniable power to combine all art forms, creating the perfect portal to transform our worlds-both literally and figuratively. It’s the opportunity to be fully engulfed in a story, to relate to an experience you never have, meet people you never knew existed, rediscover old cultures. It’s a chance to escape, imagine, learn and be inspired. It’s the ultimate form of entertainment or as we call it-“edutainment.”

Why urban communities:

We are breaking down the walls between Hollywood and it’s secret source of support. Who spends $6.1B on home entertainment alone-watches 7 movies a week and visits the theatres at least 81 times per year? Urban audiences are one of the largest financiers of entertainment yet there is a lack of true representation for their story. TAR is facilitating this new networking environment where the “artists-audience” relationship is utilized to create a new brand of urban films that tell the kinds of stories for all people to celebrate.

Why we recognize independent artists:

Appreciating that we are all artists at heart the independents Independent artists are particularly powerful because they can create stories that inform, inspire and ignite the human spirit. Independent filmmakers bear the responsibility of deciding if movies affect society or if society affects movies. We recognize true artists who are positively affecting society with good filmmaking. TAR also focuses on providing tools, resources along with a network of film professionals that encourage continued refinement of the craft.

A key strategy for this work is the development of strong partnerships with urban communities, community-advancing organizations and youth arts programs. The ultimate goal is for urban artists, audiences, and advocates alike to have a platform which is profitable for all in the global dissemination of these progressive narratives.


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